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Berget partner to produce next generation radar technology

Berget partner to produce next generation radar technology
Lockheed Martin selected Berget as supplyer to DART Radar. Left: Representatives from Lockheed Martin and Berget in front of Bergets location in Notodden.

Lockheed Martin is working with Berget to manufacture parts for its latest antenna improvement for ground-based air surveillance radars. Lockheed Martin’s new Digital Array Row Transceiver (DART) represents the next generation of radar technology, using Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to improve the performance of Lockheed Martin’s radar products.


Lockheed Martin selected Berget to build base plates for DART. Berget produces fine mechanics, cables, harnesses, and electronics. They are certified in welding and electromechanical assembling and testing. Over half of Berget’s work is within the defense market.

“We’re happy to be working with Lockheed Martin to deliver this innovative technology,” said Sverre Ulland CEO at Berget. “This important work will help develop our business and push us into the international market.”

DART is available as an upgrade for legacy Lockheed Martin radars including the TPS-77, TPS-59, FPS-117 and is also offered for all new radar units for export. More than 180 of these systems are in operation with frequent new orders for additional systems.

“Each part that goes into creating DART is critical to its success and implementation. It takes tremendous precision to effectively integrate pieces with this antenna improvement,” said Mark Mekker, Lockheed Martin director, surveillance radar. “We look forward to building our next generation of systems using DART, which results in greater performance within current Lockheed Martin radar products and lower life-cycle costs due to an increase in energy efficiency.”     

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