Lærling - Berget AS

Zacharias Engebretsen og Eirik Lerbrekk Skjulestad, lærlinger ved Berget AS. 

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an apprentice at Berget? Maybe you are in the middle of the search process and looking for your perfect apprenticeship? Then you should read here – maybe you will get some tips along the way, too.

Eirik Lerbrekk Skjulestad has been an automation apprentice at Berget since August 2019, and has thus experienced what the apprenticeship is like in a company like Berget.

Lærling Berget - Eirik

Eirik Lerbrekk Skjulestad

Good learning environment

These days he is getting ready for a trade test, but can, between battles, tell about his apprenticeship in Berget AS.

– It has been some nice and educational years here in the company, and I am very glad I got the opportunity. It all started with me being interviewed. When I was offered an apprenticeship here, I took the chance.

– The environment is very good – both professionally and socially. I get to hang out with nice colleagues, and have learned an incredible amount. Everyday work is very varied, which means that I learn extra a lot.

Here are Eirik’s tips for you who are applying for an apprenticeship:

1. Be nice and welcoming!

2. Be a yes-man. This opens up many possibilities.

3. Attach relevant experiences. This is how the apprenticeship sees what you have done in the past.

4. See if the apprenticeship is for you by asking to be placed for a period.

Participate in producing world-class products

At Berget, you get to take part in producing world-class products. Øystein Timland, Production Manager at Berget AS, talks about everyday life as an apprentice:

– Here you get a broad and versatile training offer. At Berget, we make many different parts, and everyday work is varied. You will therefore be able to learn a lot as an apprentice with us.

Øystein can also tell about the collaboration with the apprentices.

– The collaboration with the apprentices has gone great. They are skilled and have simply been exemplary. Now we look forward to, eventually, welcoming new apprentices.

Clear encouragement to you who are applying for an apprenticeship

Eirik concludes with a clear call:

– Just apply for Berget – it is a workplace I can recommend.

Øystein adds:

– Search away! We take the process very seriously, and if we have a job available, we would very much like to offer an apprenticeship to the right candidate, Øystein concludes.

Øystein Timland