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Elin Rauland, QHSE Manager at Berget AS. 


In 2021, we were happy to share that all of Berget’s departments (Fine Mechanics, Electronics and Cable) were certified according to EN 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015. Another piece of good news came in early December 2022. Then we could boast two more certifications, this time in the field of environment.

On 5 December, a satisfied Elin Rauland, our QHSE Manager (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment), was able to hang up the certificate for our new certifications; ISO 14001 for the external environment, and ISO 45001 for the working environment.

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Focus on internal and external environment

Our certifications mean that order, quality, employees, and our production’s impact on the environment are taken care of, while we engage in continuous improvement work. We must look inward at what we are already doing, and how this can be improved.

– We started the process in 2021, had a dialogue with Kiwa in May 2022, and started the work in August 2022. There were few deviations. The months of September, October, and November were spent correcting the deviations, says Elin Rauland.


ISO 45001 and ISO 14001

ISO 45001 gives Berget good tools for leading and managing our working environment.

– When you come to work with us, you are physically and mentally safe. ISO 45001 obliges us to work actively and systematically with this. With input from our employees, we will always carry out improvement work for the employee’s best well-being. We work towards you enjoying working here, says Elin.

With an ISO 14001 certificate, you save both the environment and money. The aim is to improve our environmental work constantly. At the same time, we facilitate increased profitability and sustainable growth. We don’t just meet the regulations. The standard requires a continuous focus on improvements.

– We have a strong focus on the environment and our impact. We are now putting the improvement work into a system to ensure continuous work towards greener operation of our company. We map environmental impacts and set targets and then implement measures, Elin explains.

Why get certified?

Berget has always had a focus on both quality and the environment. With our certifications, it was about putting everything into a system. We can now document that we work actively to ensure the customers’ and the company’s requirements for the working environment, external environment, and quality. – And then it eventually became a demand from our customers.

– As a result of the certifications, there are some places where we now work differently. We are even more conscious of involving the employees. An employee survey is carried out annually to see trends. At the same time, we introduce strategies within lean, such as 5S; Sort, structure, scour, standardize, and secure. Here, we involve the employees to a large extent, and we are already seeing improvements.

– We are conscious of involving our employees, as they are the most important resource in Berget AS. They always have quality in focus and help implement processes and protocols to ensure our work around quality and the environment. They help create security for Berget’s customers.


Berget delivers to large customers with demands for quality and environmental impact

Berget AS supplies cable, electronics, and fine mechanical parts to demanding customers in a number of industries nationally and abroad. With broad industry knowledge, this ensures deliveries of products with the right quality at the right time.

Increased awareness of the environment, as well as demands for quality, means that customers demand ISO certification. This is to document systematic work toward limiting our impact on the environment.

Our work towards top quality and reduction of environmental impact does not stop with the certificate on the wall. Berget continues the work around quality assurance and environmental management. At the same time, we have our employees’ well-being and safety in focus. This is how we maintain our competitive advantage now and in the future.