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Proper work light is not a given in harsh environments around the world. Surgeon Lars Norum experienced this. Merlin Medtech AS was therefore established and the operating lamps TraumaLight saw the light of day.

TraumaLight saves lives. They are robust and are designed for field use that works under extreme conditions. The lamps are used by, among others, MSF and Red Cross.

The surgeon tells Elektronikk that the lamp must withstand temperatures from -20 to 55 degrees C, must be able to withstand falling to the floor, and function even if the power goes out. It is extremely important that the lamps provide the right light under all conditions, he continues to Elektronikk.

Berget AS in Collaboration with Merlin Medtech AS

Based on our certifications in aviation and defense, among others, Berget is responsible for the production and distribution of the lamps.
Berget performs both mechanical and electromechanical production, assembly, function testing, and packaging, as well as shipping the lamps on behalf of Merlin Medtech.
The method and material are the same as used for parts for the F-35 fighter aircraft. The lamp enclosures are milled out in our 5-axis milling machines which are connected in Fastems. Here, automated production takes place 24 hours a day. The construction is robust, but light, and can withstand most things.