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Fiber optic cables are a revolution in data transmission. With an ever-growing market, Berget AS has a strong focus on meeting our customers’ requirements, specifications, and needs with high-quality products. Our production of fiber increases and important investments have been made on this basis.

– Through our investments, we can now produce even more high-quality fiber optics for our customers, says Tore Andreas Engmark, department manager at the Cable department at Berget AS.

Kristian Sundsvalen

Kristian Sundsvalen

Zero-tolerance for impurities

The processes for assembling and producing fiber cables are somewhat different from copper cables. In the production of fiber optics, and for the cables to work, there is a zero-tolerance for dirt and impurities.

Dedicated to the production of fiber optic cables and connectors, a “clean room” was created 4 years ago here at the Cable department in Høgås Technology Park. We made important investments that ensure protection for the fiber cables, says Kristian Sundsvalen at Berget AS.

– Together with our clean room, we made investments such as a polishing machine and a LAF bench. The latter uses filters and air currents that provide protection for the assembly of the product (Expanded Beam). The air drawn into this workbench is recycled through a filter. The filter stops particles from entering the air stream.

Meets customer requirements

With a continuous focus on quality, tailoring, and close cooperation with our customers, Berget is experiencing solid progress and a growing market.

Berget delivers quality components to demanding customers within a number of companies. We put customers’ demands for precision and quality first. All parts produced by Berget are quality checked according to the customer’s specifications.

– With a qualified fiber department, we have now strengthened ourselves to become a more complete cable supplier. This is important for our customers with their specific requirements and orders. Our investments made in the department leads to greater capacity and increased effect. This means we can continue to deliver quality and precision to demanding customers, says Engmark.

Why fiberoptics?

Compared to other transmission media, optical fibers have distinctive properties.

– The data speed of fiber optic cables is significantly higher than cables with metal cores. Fiber optics and has an enormous transmission capacity. In addition, the dimensions are small, and the weight is low, says Sundsvalen.

Berget AS offers fiber optic cables such as Expanded Beam, Termini to MIL Circular Connectors, Standard “Physical Contact” fiber connectors (LC, SC, FC, ST) Single mode, and Multi mode.

This is Berget AS

Berget produces most of the cable, fine mechanics, electronics, and electromechanical assembly in its own production facilities at Notodden.

For a number of years, we have delivered products to demanding customers domestic and abroad. Berget delivers mounted units i.a. to customers such as Magseis, Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace, Nortek, and Merlin MedTech.

With broad industry knowledge and well-qualified employees at all levels, this ensures deliveries of products with the right quality at the right time.

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Tore Andreas Engmark