Elin Rauland

All departments at Berget are certified according to EN 9100: 2018 and ISO 9001: 2015. Strict requirements ensure quality, order and control. In this way, Berget is also qualified to deliver to demanding customers in aviation, defense, subsea, maritime, medicine and more. It is important to keep your tongue straight in your mouth. That’s why it’s great to have Elin Rauland, QHSE Manager at Berget.

– I love quality management and like to have things in order, says Elin.

“Have you seen the process?”, “Have you followed the process?” are things Elin’s colleagues often hear. It is first and foremost about quality, and what processes we have to go through to ensure this. Elin helps to ensure this in her work.

Delivers to large customers with quality requirements

Berget AS supplies cable, electronics and fine mechanical parts to demanding customers in a number of industries at home and abroad. With broad industry knowledge, this ensures deliveries of products with the right quality at the right time. For many customers, there is also a requirement for ISO certification.

Requirements to be certified

There are a number of requirements to be certified. For some customers, it is that Berget is certified not only a seal of quality, but also a requirement where that we adhere to laws and regulations is ensured. With ISO certification, customers can also be sure that we are constantly improving.

ISO certification in all departments

– With ISO certification, it means that you have order, control and are constantly working on improvement. We follow up customers and suppliers. If we are to improve, we must look inward into what we are already doing and how this can be improved. Then new processes are quickly used.

It is also a whole process to create new processes, Elin continues with a chuckle.

– I call in for a meeting, get an overview of what everyone is working on and then prepare and improve the processes here, before this goes into practice.

Love quality management

Elin has “always” been involved in processes and quality management. In 2019, she started with us at Berget.

– I like to have things in order. Over the years, several quality systems and processes have been developed that ensure good planning, operation, evaluation and quality in all work we do.

– I simply love quality management, Elin concludes with a smile.









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