Electronics Manufacturing

Production and testing, conformal coating, parylene treatment of circuit boards and electromechanical assembly. The Electronics Department is located at Høgås Technology Park. The facility is EN 9100:2018 certified.

Our experienced staff offer total deliveries within PCB assembly and electromechanical assembly, ranging from prototypes to larger series.

OFM line that assembles components from 0201 (0.5mm x 0.25mm) to 74mm.

SMD line for machine mounting of components ranging from 0,5 X 0,25mm(0201) to 74mm. Nitrogen soldering machine.

Max board size 450mmX350mm.

We have extensive experience in mounting electronics for both military and civilian applications.

Conformal Coating machine for Silicone and Acrylic coating.

We use Dow Corning 1-2577 and Humiseal 1B73EPA.

We also do manual conformal coating.

We have a Trident Automatic Cleaning / Defluxing Systems.

The machine removes all contamination and residues from the PCBA, and is equipped with built-in process monitoring technology.


If there is a requirement for cleanliness measurement, we do this in our Aqueous Zero Ion machine.

Max board size 450x450x50mm

The optimum surface treatment is used, for example, in connection with avionics.

Conformal coatings are generally liquid in nature, while Parylene is formed on surfaces from a high purity powder known as a dimer with no liquid stage.

More about Parylencoating

Vi utfører test på produkter etter kundens spesifikasjon, vi kan også påta oss å bygge testutstyr.

More information is coming.

We perform assembly of electronics and mechanical parts and can deliver complete products directly to end users.

Jørn Kaasa

Department Manager

Phone: 93257693
E-mail: jka@berget.no