With self-produced electricity in the electronics and cable department
We are constantly working to produce greener. Many of the products we deliver are produced with renewable energy from solar panels.

This is how we reduce our carbon footprint

Our goal is to produce with the lowest possible carbon footprint. Here in Høgås, electricity is produced on-site. This power production gives a maximum power of 230 kWh and a yield per day of 1700 kWh. We use this for both heating and production.

We participate in the fight to reduce climate emissions, and send a big thank you to the owner, who does a formidable job in the climate initiative. Investing in solar panels is a big and important step in a greener direction.

We are motivated

Together we must work quickly to achieve zero emissions.
As an industrial company, Berget is actively involved in the restructuring and motivated to do our part.


On the image from the left:
Jørn Kaasa – department manager, Electronics.
Tore Andreas Engmark –  department manager, Cable & Harness
Inge Flaten – CEO