At a time when it is no longer as easy to get into the work sector, it is becoming more and more important to be able to contribute to training and secure jobs – especially for young people. Not only can we learn a lot from each other, but we also ensure a more secure future both locally and nationally.

Joakim Lerstang, head of department, and the other employees at the Fine Mechanics department at Strupa, currently have three apprentices from technology and industry at Notodden Upper Secondary School.

– It is absolutely great that we get to work together and have such skilled apprentices as we have here at the house. They are motivated and learn quickly. At the same time, we want to contribute to the local community here in Notodden by providing opportunities and creating jobs, also for the younger people in the community. Win-win, I would call it!

Berget supplies cable, electronics and fine mechanical parts to demanding customers in a number of industries. We are among the few production companies that today are a 9100: 2018 (AS9100D) certified in Norway: A seal of quality on product and production. At the moment we are getting good help from the three apprentices who are at the house!

Berget as an apprenticeship – and workplace

– On a national basis, we see that it is difficult to get hold of CNC operators as there are very few who actually train for the subject. It is simply in short supply. We are lucky to have Kjersti on the team! Both she, Zacharias and Eirik are very talented. Not only did they learn quickly as well, but we see that they are motivated and are good resources to have here at Berget.

Kjersti Bakken Abrahamsen

Kjersti Bakken Abrahamsen har tatt fatt på CNC-maskinen her på Berget siden desember.

Kjersti Bakken Abrahamsen has been working on the CNC machine here on Berget since December.

– At the moment I work a lot on the CNC machine. It is a very exciting subject! As a CNC operator, I use this computer to program and control machines to process material, ie produce different parts. Then I send the “baton” over to Zacharias, the automation apprentice here at Berget.

Zacharias Engebretsen
Zacharias Engebretsen

Zacharias Engebretsen has been an apprentice as a dimension controller at Berget since February 2020. His work as a dimension controller is important to ensure the quality of what is produced.

– A large part of the work I do here is to collaborate with Kjersti. As a dimension controller, I mostly work in a measuring machine, also called CMM. Here I take the production parts and make sure that they are correct in relation to the drawing by examining and measuring these. Then I give feedback to the results operator.

Both Kjersti and Zacharias are completely dependent on both the CNC machine and the measuring machine working properly. That’s when it’s important that they have Eirik on the team!

Eirik L. Skjul
Eirik Lerbrekk Skjulestad

Eirik Lerbrekk Skjulestad is one of the apprentices who has worked the longest at Berget. He makes sure that the machines run as they should.

– The apprenticeship at Berget has been very good – and very flexible! I have been working as an automator since August 2019, so I am starting to get good experience with this! As an automator, I provide service, maintenance and repairs of various machines, including the CNC machine, which Kjersti works a lot with.

Benefits for both us and them

The apprentices see the benefits of being placed in a smaller company. Not only do they get to do a lot of different things, but everyday life is flexible, they get easily involved, and are not focused on just one task, as in larger companies.

Not only do the apprentices see benefits from the collaboration with Berget, but Joakim also points to several benefits for the company.

– We want to contribute to giving the young people opportunities, and see great benefits in this. But we as an apprenticeship company also benefit greatly, and see the value of having apprentices deployed with us. Not only do we get to train our own employees, but Kjersti, Zacharias and Eirik came in as a breath of fresh air with their knowledge. It is always an advantage to get younger people into a number of industries – also in this one. We learn a lot from each other!

For a bustling Notodden

The labor market is something completely different than several decades ago. It is not always easy for young people to get to work. Joakim can agree with this.

– It is important that the companies that have the opportunity for this, take the social responsibility to contribute as an apprenticeship company. I think this is especially important for Notodden; that we give young people an opportunity to get into working life quickly, and potentially get newcomers here. At the moment there is a shortage of jobs here in the city, but if we can make this happen, we will also be able to develop Notodden and have a bustling life in the city center!

We at Berget are lucky to have such committed and skilled apprentices, and we are happy to be able to contribute to the local community in Notodden, concludes Joakim Lerstang